1.Eat healthy. Healthy diets are often ditched and over-indulgence in unhealthy delicacies becomes the norm during the festivities. There is usually indulgence in alcohol and binge drinking, which puts a lot of strain on the body and the organs responsible for processing the alcohol. It is better to drink a glass of alcohol every night than take seven glasses of alcohol in one sitting. Also, drink lots of water and add vegetables to your diet to hydrate your skin constantly and also help your liver and kidney process the alcohol without straining.

2. Take care of your breath. Partying and bad breath often go hand-in-hand because of the foods and alcohol consumed. For instance, alcohol dehydrates the body, which leads to a dry mouth hence bad breath. Consider using mouthwash and brushing your tongue and teeth properly at least after every meal. If possible, avoid or limit your intake of sugary foods and alcohol, as these are notorious for giving people bad breath.

3. Keep Active. it is often obvious that exercise are the farthest thing from one’s mind during the festive season. But even if checking into your local gym is difficult, look out for opportunities to exercise such as taking the stairs instead of a lift. Get creative and include your family in exercising, for instance after a meals, you can take a walk to nearby malls as you admire the holiday decorations.

4. Remove make-up before sleeping. With all the partying, you are likely to be dolled up over the holidays, get back home late and be tempted to sleep with your make-up still on. Do not give in to this temptation lest your skin develops issues because you slept with make-up on. If you can’t wash off the make-up before going to bed, at least wipe it off with facial wipes.

5 . Apply some sunscreen. A lot of people spend a lot of time in the sun during the festive season. But whether or not you will be in the sun, it is wise to always take your sunscreen with you. Apply enough sunscreen, as it is only good for a maximum of about two hours if you are in the sun as sweating causes the sunscreen to wear off quickly and thus should be reapplied every two hours.

6. Get ample rest. Do not be carried away by too much partying that you neglect your bedtime routine. All those lovely holiday sleep-ins and late nights will alter your body clock, making it difficult to readjust to normal everyday life once you are back to the daily grind. Filling your days with so much activity that will leave you feeling more fatigue once the holiday is over is not advisable. Have at least one quiet early night a week to sleep and rejuvenate yourself. Otherwise, all play and insufficient sleep puts you at risk of getting dark rings around your eyes.

Published in December 2015