N’na Fanta Camara was arrested for conning over 700 women into believing they are pregnant, by using herbs, leaves and other medicines that caused bloating, therefore mimicking pregnancy.

The police believe she has accumulated thousands of dollars, charging women $33 for her service. More than 200 of the affected women, protested outside the police station in Conakry on Tuesday.

”We saw Ms Camara, a year ago, she gave us medicine that made us vomit and instructed us not to see any doctors. As one continued taking the medicine, the stomach started rising. We later visited her again and she declared us pregnant just by touching our bellies” explained a protester.

A police doctor who examined 47 of the women said the treatment would have caused long-term complications. Ms Camara will be charged soon but she remains unapologetic claiming that she is only helping the women realize their dreams and leaves the rest to God.

A court is expected to charge her soon with endangering people’s lives through fraudulent means.