For comfort, style and protection from the sun this hot season, consider investing in a hat. There are several types for sunny weather. Here are a few you can easily incorporate for a hot casual look.

Floppy hats

These have wide brims, offering you maximum protection from the sun. Exclusively for women, they are usually made of straw although there are other varieties made of fabric such as canvas or cotton. Wear a floppy hat with a sundress or frilly skirt and sandals – perfect for a weekend afternoon outdoors.

Bucket hat

Usually made from soft cotton with a wide and downwards sloping brim, they can be worn by both men and women. They come in a variety of colours and materials like canvas or denim, and are worn for both fashion and sun protection purposes. The cute flowery types for ladies look lovely when worn with the right colour of sundress, while men can wear the plain denim or canvas ones with a pair of shorts and sandals during the weekend.

Fedora hat

This fedora hat, also known as a trilby, is made from a type of material known as felt though as with most hats, there are other varieties made of material like straw. It typically has a pinched front and a crease that travels lengthwise on the crown. The brim extends out and is sometimes bent down over the eyes.

Wear your fedora tilted forward so the brim is near your eyebrows. You may also wear it slightly askew. You could add a personal touch to your fedora by adding a feather. Women can wear it with most types of casual wear ranging from jeans to sun dresses while men can wear it to dress down a suit for events like weddings (it’s important to ensure that it matches the suit) or even more casually with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

Baseball caps

These are quite popular and can be worn by both men and women. They’re easily recognizable by their extended, firm and curved peaks while rest of the hat typically fits snugly against the head. This type of cap was first used for baseball, a popular sport in the United States but is now worn by people all over the world. It goes well with the sporty look when going out for a jog on a sunny day and also with casual jeans and t-shirt.

These hats are available in cloth shops and second hand markets. Whatever type of hat you choose to counter the sun or make a fashion statement, ensure that it is the right fit for your head so that it neither falls down around your ears nor leaves a mark on your forehead when you remove it. Ill-fitting hats look rather shabby. Also ensure that you have a hairstyle that looks good both when the hat is on and off.

Published in Jan 2012 issue