If you have been frequenting the gym, you are familiar with the plank. It  is a popular exercise recommended by physical fitness experts for strengthening your core. The best thing about planks is that they can be done at the comfort of your home and do not require any special equipment.

If you are wondering why you should start doing planks, here are some of the benefits.

Boosts overall metabolism

Planks helps burn calories which improves metabolism. Planks are also a great way to reduce belly fat and acquire that flat tummy you have wanted for so long. However, ensure you eat healthy.

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Body posture improves

Most people have acquired back and neck problems due to poor sitting posture especially due to working from home. Planks can help align your body and thus improve your posture when walking or sitting down in the office.

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Improves your mood

Hours of prolonged sitting can cause tension to your muscles and leave you in a foul mood. Planks help release the tension in your muscles and improve your mood.

Improves the body balance

Try a simple exercise of standing on one leg and see what happens. Most likely you will fall over because your abdominal muscles are weak. Regular planking improves abdominal muscles and ultimately your balance. You can bet that after a few weeks you will be able to stand on one leg.

Improves on flexibility

Our day to day lives involve a lot of movement. Movement can become painful if your muscles are stiff. When you do planks, your muscles are stretched enabling them to become flexible.

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Improves the core strength

Planks engage your core and abs. The longer you can hold the plank position, the stronger your core becomes. Planks also strengthen the joints and the bones connecting the upper and the lower body .

Lies weight loss adverts tell you
Claims that you can lose weight without changing your habits just are not true. It is important that you learn to recognize false claims in weight loss ads and online testimonials.


Planks are an easy and cheaper way to get a toned body. However, you must be consistent in your routine. Ensure, also that you are on a healthy diet. Otherwise you may not see any results if you keep indulging in junk food

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