You might be busy with your kitchen work and all of a sudden, one of your kids or even your toddler's friend comes in crying, that your toddler has bitten them. Although a specific explanation for this has not yet been found, there are certainly triggers behind it. Below some of the common triggers.

Venting out anger or frustrations

Probably, this is the most common reason parents are aware of. Your child could be frustrated about something, for example some other kid taking their toy. Since they are angry, biting becomes their way of saying "I am angry, bring back my toy!"

They may also bite simply because they are tired, fussy or hungry.


This is another common reason behind your toddler's frequent bites. Teething causes irritation of gums in a toddler. Due to this, they result to biting as a way of easing the irritation.

Test cause and effect

Funny as it may sound, your toddler could actually bite someone just to test the response they will give. For instance, at daycare, they may bite their friends to see the reaction of the caretaker.


At their age, toddlers tend to use their mouth to explore their surrounding. While at this quest, they may end up causing a biting or two. For example, your toddler may be curious about your family cat's tail. They end up putting it in their mouth and biting it.

Being overwhelmed and self assertive

Sometimes these little human beings get so excited with whatever is happening around them. Since they are still young and lack the skills to regulate this feelings, they may end up biting someone. For example, when in a playgroup, they may get so excited and bite their fellows.

How to stop toddlers from biting - Today’s Parent
First of all, this is totally normal! Second of all, there is help. Try these tips to stop toddlers from biting.

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