Nude nail polish is undeniably chic and classy – it is a trend that can never go out of style. Why there seems to be all the rage about bold, neon nails, nude nail polish hues are in a class of there own – if they were people they would be the unbothered type. Those that do not need to scream to be noticed – subtle but present.

There are so many reasons why you should consider a nude shade the next time you are stepping into a mani-pedi parlor.

They are flexible

Unlike many bold colours, nude nail polish shades are totally flexible. They will match with whatever you wear. Imagine having a bomb outfit then realizing that you cannot wear it because your nail polish colours will offset the balance. Preposterous, right?

They hardly show when chipped

Is there anything worse than walking around with chipped nail polish? Apparently, there is: Walking around with chipped, neon-colored nail polish. This will draw all the attention to your fingers. While we always try to get the nails done in good time, sometimes the time (and/or finances) do not allow us to visit the nail parlors as soon as the first chip shows. Chipped nude nail polish is easier to conceal than brightly coloured nail polish.

They are versatile

All thanks to the fact that they are neutral, there are limitless ways in which the nude polish can be styled and amped. Are you into glitter, french tips, maybe you have something for rhinestones? Against a backdrop of nude polish, you can go wild with your nail polish fantasies.

Perfect for the workplace

This, of course, depends on your workplace. However, the conventional workplace frowns upon overly bold nails, so nude nails are a perfect swap.

They are subtle

Their subtility is the best attribute of nude nails. They are the go-to for people who prefer laid-back styles.