Working in a dull space may reduce productivity no matter how passionate one is about their job. Thankfully, you don't have to break bank or spend a fortune to make small changes that can lift your space from drab to fab.

Read on for some inexpensive and quick ideas that will transform your home office to one you will love!

1.Comfort is key

Comfort goes a long way in ensuring that your productivity is maximum. A good office chair will help you maintain a neutral posture; sitting with your feet flat on the floor, your knees slightly higher than your hips and your hips shoulders and ears all lined up with each other. This posture is different with everyone, so the best way to find a neutral posture is with an adjustable chair. A good office chair gives a good arm rest too. Don't sacrifice comfort for style.

Image courtesy: NY Times

2.Improve your lighting

Excellent lighting is essential when creating a productive environment and a dimly lit space can leave you feeling drained. Invest in a unique desk lamp to bring the best lighting in your desk while adding a flash of style to your desk. White lights improves productivity whereas yellow lights can make people feel tired and less productive.

3.Declutter your desk

Having a storage box will minimize stuff on your workspace and ensure it remains orderly. Try magazine boxes, baskets, and folders to keep paper work organized and away from your workspace. This also makes it easy to trace any paper work. Also, consider putting paper work that you have not been using for three months or more in storage. Decluttering will provide a clean base to begin styling and create a sense of calm and order.

4. Organise your desk

Having a desk is the first step in organizing your work space. However, if the desk is a mess, its so hard to get things done. Get a desk organizer that ensures all your writing essentials and office supplies are in the same place. That way things aren't sprawled along your desk and you know exactly where to find anything whenever you need it.

5.Leave an option for standing

If you're clocking long hours at your workspace, look for a modern desk that accommodates both sitting and standing. Switching positions through the day will decrease back pain and blood pressure.

6.Meet your business needs

The most important factor when designing a home office is meeting your business needs. It has to work for you. Put your specific business at the top of your list. If you'll have to make calls, ensure you office is in a quiet place away from noise. Get a storage means for your business if you'll have to store products. Consider getting extra furniture if you'll need to accommodate an occasional guest.

Featured Image: Singh Homes