Kenyans generally feel that life has become much worse since the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in March, a new research by TIFA reveals.

The TIFA Research, at the weekend, released a report on the Economic Impact on Covid-19 Amongst Low-Income Earners in Nairobi.

In the report, employment status amongst Nairobi's low-income areas recorded a double increase from 33% to 64% between April and September.

Although employment prospects are better now, only 3% of respondents who had been working before the Covid-19 arrived report now earning with “all” or “most” of what they had been earning then.

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Sadly, eight out of 10 said their lives have taken a turn for the worse since March, when the virus hit the country, sending major restrictions imposed across the country to contain spread of the virus.

However, Kenyans across the board have experienced hard times, which have led many to make readjustments to aspects of their lives in order to cope with the new realities. The report noted that 76% of the respondents said that they know someone who has been evicted for non-payment of rent, as job cuts set in while many employers slashed their employees’ salaries.

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