Throw pillows are a vital part of your home’s decor. Not only do they offer comfort, but they are things of great beauty when they sit right on the sofas and accent chairs. Whether you are going all out or want a minimalist approach to your interior decor, your throw pillows will add depth to your styling. Here are some of the ways of styling your throw pillows.

Size matters

Always think size when placing throw pillows on the sofa. Create dimension. Put common-sized pillows on each side of the couch. Add smaller sized pillows moving towards the center. At the center, you can use a lumbar pillow to balance the pillows.

throw pillows
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Play with the patterns.

There are plenty of ways that you can play with the throw pillows to bring out both pattern and art. You can either mix pillows with similar colors but different patterns, different colors but a similar pattern or use one pattern with different colors and fabric. That would make you couch diverse.

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Think shape and color.

Most pillows are square, rectangle or circle. Don’t feel scared to try all these shapes together. The end result of playing with different shapes can be so visually satisfying.  Blend in the colors well to complete the decor.

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Creatic art.

For the lovers of art and creativity, you always can customize your pillow covers to bring in the African touch.

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Consider texture.

Mixing textures can be artistic and pretty at the same time. It is simply doing justice to decor. Choose leather, mohair, linen, wool, or even pleather. When all these are put together, it makes the room feel curated.

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