Many people may dismiss it as an adult problem but children stand a higher risk of overeating because often times, they just can’t resist a tasty treat. Indulge in our top tips on how to retain yummy treats without breeding a bulging waistline.


Make conscious decisions about what goes on the menu especially the tasty treats like dessert, and start early. Make it interesting by asking the kids what they would like to eat and then find alternative ways of making them.

For instance, instead of deep-frying those French fries, why not bake them? Additionally, when going for parties, offer to bring a healthy dish. That way, you are sure there’s at least one healthy item on the menu.


The idea is not to cut out all the treats off the menu. Ensure that for every dessert treat, for instance, chocolate cake, there is a share of veggies that kids have to eat before the delights come out. Use toppings such as breadcrubs to flavour food as opposed to cheese. Use honey, raisins in place of sugar.

Use evaporated or coconut milk, chicken or vegetable broth as alternatives to cream in mashed potatoes. You can also use whole grain flour for those mandazis, chapatis and muffins, and they fill the tummy much faster than refined flour.

Replace artificial juices with fruit or freshly squeezed juices. Control the plate portions by using small plates and restrict seconds and thirds, especially where sugar is concerned.

Stay active

Go for hikes or long walks together. Even humdrum activities such as shopping can help get the blood circulating, provided you can handle your kids at the supermarket. While visiting other people or on family vacation, carry skipping ropes, frisbees, balls and let the kids go ham (pun intended) in an open field.

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