Playing video games has a reputation for being a distractive and time-wasting activity. However, with proper engagement, it can be a tool of personal development.
Considering that there are so many video game consoles, here is how to choose appropriate video games for your kid.

Read game reviews

A simple way of choosing an appropriate video game is by reading reviews from other parents. Some games are full of violence and nudity. Be aware of any elements of a game that may ‘scar’ your kid.

Violent games could cause a change in behaviour as studies show. It is therefore vital to ensure you get the right game through reading what other parents have to say.

Reviews can be found online on forums and blogs among other sources.

Check video game rating

When choosing an appropriate game for your child, check its Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating. It is a system of categorization that consists of five age-based ratings; "Early Childhood", “Kids to Adults", "teen", "Mature", and "Adults Only".

The ESRB was the first rating system to also use "descriptors" with brief explanations of the content contained in a game, as the ESRB found that parents wanted to know this type of content before they purchased games for their children.

Choose Cartoon themed Games

Some kid-friendly games are based on children’s cartoons. These usually have easy puzzles and simple tasks, but they can be challenging as well. Cartoons such as Minions and Dora the Explorer have exciting kid-games renditions and are often age-appropriate.

Play Games with Your Child

Playing video games with your kid is an interesting way of learning about the games he or she is playing.  By doing this you get first-hand experience on the appropriateness of the game and the impact it has on your kid.

This experience also enables you to learn about the characteristics of good and bad games and how to choose thereafter.

Choose from Your Child's Interests

Is your kid sporty? Why not try a game based on sports such as FIFA 21, which is a football video game? Others include NBA 2K for basketball and Need for Speed for car races such as F1. If your kid is into solving problems, puzzles and riddle themed video games are a perfect fit.

Your kid’s interest can help you choose the right game for them.

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Bonus tip

Keep your kid’s gaming in check. Limit gaming whenever necessary for your kid to perform other responsibilities, such a schoolwork, chores, family time or important extracurricular activities.

You have the final say as the parent. You are the video gaming monitor. Limiting game time also helps to prevent gaming addiction. If your kid is showing signs of obsessive playing, ensure you find a way to ‘detox’ him or her from the game and establish ground rules for playing time.

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