When kids get together and bond peeling them away from each other can be a problem. Whilst this is not a big issue it can become a problem when you have to deal with the parents to your child’s friend – when you don’t like them in the first place. There are a myriad of reasons why you can feel this way. This is especially so if you have different parenting beliefs. It is crucial that you don’t make this your child’s problem however. Here are ways to ensure your child enjoys their friends company regardless.

Learn to adapt

This is a conditional step. It is important for your child to learn how to act in different settings. However, this should not be at the expense of your core beliefs. Let your child have fun but within the confines of your already set household rules.

In case the other parent(s) insists set your foot down but frame it in a way that isn’t aggressive. For example if in that particular household the kids watch R-rated movies, counter with “i’d rather they not watch R-rated movies.” However if the rules are a bit more lax be willing to compromise. For example if they have to take their shoes or sandals off at the doorstep and this might not be the case in your house, ensure your child obeys.

Tactfully keep your distance

You don’t have to be friends with the parents to your children’s friends. There are ways you can tactfully keep your distance from your child’s friend’s parents. They include arranging play dates rather than family visits. This means you can drop the child off and head on to other activities.

These practices should however be resorted to when you lack an alternative. Try as much as possible to find common ground, if this fails then you can find a way to deal with the parents to your child’s friend.

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