Relationships can be a complicated territory to navigate, each individual coming into it with their own perspective, history, and values. Dealing with issues that arise with differing emotional styles can be a cause for conflict and disconnection. However, setting up relationship rules can create a clearly defined framework to lay the course for a positive long-lasting relationship.

Finding healing after a failed relationship
The pain of a failed relationship cuts deep. When two people commit to each other, their interests, goals and plans become one and once that bubble is burst, it takes quite some time to dissociate oneself from the other person. The following advice will help you heal the wounds...

If that person is new to you and you want that mutual entanglement that you are getting into, to work for both of you then you ought to lay down a strong foundation. Laying a strong foundation that wont stumble to any pressure is key. Here are some of the tips to kickstarting it big and making it work from the word go:


Love conquers everything and love multiplies love. If you want to be serious with that guy or girl you must first be truly attached to him or her. Before you decide on that man or woman, both of you must prove to be in love with the other one. When love is there between you two, then you will be more likely to stick and walk the journey together.

Honesty and trust

Are you aware that any serious relationship is built around trust and truth. If you want that person to start and keep loving you then you must be a truthful person. You must ensure that you build trust. You ought to make that person be aware that he/she can trust you with his or her heart.


everyone knows that communication is key, however, being so widely accepted, it is easily taken for granted. Communications is the very means by which you send and receive all the signals and information in your relationship – keep the lines open and the messages regular.

How to deal with boredom in marriage
Going through this phase doesn’t mean that the marriage is doomed. It only means that more effort; time and energy needs to be invested in the marriage.


If you want that relationship you are kickstarting to work you must ensure you have an open ear. You must always be willing to listen. In a relationship, listening can be more important than speaking. Try active listening, repeating back what you have heard, to ensure a fuller understanding. Listen without defense, listen without rationale – hear what your partner is really saying beneath the noise of words. To be heard and acknowledged opens the space for true communication and connection.

Mutual understanding

Even if you are truly in love with that person if you don't understand and accept the person for who he/she is disagreements will arise and you will often find you both arguing.

Everyone wishes to be loved and share this life with someone. Being guided by this basic set of relationship rules can liberate your relationship and become the building blocks to your forever after.