Most people look forward to February 14th so that they can prove to their partner just how much they love them. Restaurants create adverts and posters to lure people to book a date with them.

But are you aware that you can make each day a Valentine's day for you and your loved ones? Here are some of the tips to achieve that.

Avoid any distractions in your relationship

Life requires one to work hard in order to make ends meet. However, work should not prevent you from spending time with your partner. Even if you have other obligations like work and kids you should always create time to talk and listen to your partner. This will ensure that no secrets exist and this will definitely make your love to thrive.

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Engage in deep conversations daily

Giving an ear to your partner will always go a long way in strengthening your relationship. Confiding in your partner during those difficult times will not only make the process bearable, but it will also bring you closer. If your partner is far away, make it a routine to always call and check up on them.

Pull surprises for your partner

Most females love surprises. As a man, it's often good to surprise your woman. You can bring her a rose flower or treat her to a nice romantic candle-lit dinner.

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Avoid the I love you phrase

The phrase is too common. It's best to tell the person to take care and stay safe. This will prove well how you care about the person.

Lets all strive to make each day a Valentines day.

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