Though you might not always know what exactly could be troubling your baby, it is important to remain keen to detect when they are ill. Babies tend to act up when they are sleepy or hungry so if you baby seems a little more fussy than usual, they could be having stomach discomfort and acting on it quickly might save them from the uneasiness.

Here are some ways you could help soothe your baby's stomach upset;


Giving your baby frequent massages helps resolve abdominal discomfort, in that, it relaxes their muscles and gets the digestive system flowing. Make them do small exercises such as bicycle legs to help them pass gas. This exercise requires you to bend their legs close to the stomach, then move each one in a circular motion to imitate cycling.

Do not overfeed

Overfeeding might lead to a baby feeling uncomfortable and they might even vomit at the slightest action. Try introduce your baby to small portions over short intervals than large portions after a long period. When your baby is full, they will either unlatch from breastfeeding or spit out what they were eating. In such instances, do not force them to take more. Let them rest, and wait to feed them later.

Burping breaks

Burping is very important in nursing and shouldn't be taken lightly. Doing this in between feeding helps reduce the amount of air your baby takes in as it prompts them to let it out. It also helps slow down their gulping as they take time to relax. Find the right position to help your baby let the air out. If one does not work, switch to another position until they burp.

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Warm bath

Warm baths have a way of relaxing the body. It works for babies too! Give them warm baths to ease their bowel movements and relax their muscles. Alternatively, you could use a warm towel to wipe them while gently giving them a massage. This will help soothe the uncomfortable feeling.

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Latch correctly

When breastfeeding, ensure your baby is latched to the breast correctly. Poor latching may cause air to enter their stomach while they suckle and in turn lead to gas build up.

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Keep them upright

Avoid feeding your baby when they are lying down. Try to keep them upright and let them stay that way for a while even after feeding to avoid choking. This also helps ensure proper digestion.


Inasmuch as you might help in soothing your baby, know when to see a doctor. If the discomfort persists, seek medical advice and consult on the proper medication for your baby.

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