Soy milk is packed with numerous health benefits from being low in saturated fats to being lactose and cholesterol free.

Other than drinking soy milk straight out of the glass, there are other interesting ways that you can use soy milk such as:

  1. To make iced coffee

Freeze your soy milk by pouring it into an ice cube tray. Once the cubes have frozen, add six teaspoons of cooled strongly brewed coffee and some vanilla stevia. Stir and fill it with the soy milk ice cubes so that you can have a creamy and rich iced coffee.

Iced coffee with soy milk. [Source:]

2. Make some oatmeal

You can also use soy milk to make your breakfast oatmeal tastier. Boil your oatmeal in water, then let it cool off. Once that’s done, add your soy milk for nice creamy consistency. You could also bake or slow cook your oatmeal with soy milk as well.

Oatmeal baked with soy milk. [Source:]

3. To make some tasty pancakes

Rather than using ordinary milk to make your batter, add some soy milk and you will have some tasty vegan pancakes.

Vegan pancakes. [Source:]

4. Make some moist muffins

Muffins turn out amazing with soy milk. It actually makes them very moist. Ensure the soy milk is the same amount of regular milk you would use on an ordinary day.

Vegan blueberry muffins. [Source: This Wife Cooks]

5. To flavour your smoothies

Soy milk adds some sweet flavour into your smoothies. If you want some extra flavour, go for the vanilla or chocolate versions.

Banana and blueberry in soy milk smoothie. [Source: 1mrecipes] 

6. Make some vegan cultured milk (Yoghurt)

Did you know that you can also make yoghurt using soy milk? Here is how. Add about four cups of soy milk into your blender and four to six capsules of probiotics (live beneficial bacteria and/or yeast). Blend for about one minute. You can sweeten the mixture by adding liquid stevia.

Pour the blended mixture into a bowl and cover the bowl with a clean towel. Place the bowl in a cool oven and avoid using the top gas for the next 24 hours. This is to block air, light and heat to start the culture process. After 24 hours the mixture will have bubbles and smell like yoghurt.

Vegan cultured milk. [Source: One green plant]

7. As a vegan ranch dressing

Vegan ranch dressing is made by mixing soy milk with vegan mayonnaise, garlic powder, a dash of apple cider vinegar and onion powder for seasoning. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Sprinkle some chopped parsley and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Vegan ranch dressing. [Source: Minimalist Baker]