If you are thinking of positioning a humidifier in your baby’s room, you should first consider consulting the manual that comes with the humidifier. Humidifiers work differently, and it is best to start smart and know how to use the one you have.

Here are a few tips in case your model’s instruction manual did not completely satiate your curiosity:

Avoid mold growth

Because humidifiers are constantly moist, they have been identified as potential sources of molds. The molds can grow inside the system and can be gradually forced out into the air in your child’s room. The conditions that these humidifiers help control can be the same conditions that can get worse if the humidifiers are not maintained properly. When it comes to children, it is advisable that you use cool mist humidifiers. This is because warm mist humidifiers can pose a searing hazard if they are accidentally touched or tipped.

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Inhibit excessive mugginess

Having some moisture in the air is good, but an overly humid and damp environment is not what you should be aiming for. These muggy conditions can very quickly lead to growth of mildew and mold. Also, it can be detrimental for your wooden flooring if you have one, together with wooden furniture. While you want the air to be humidified, it is essential to ensure that the room is not getting extremely wet for safety purposes.

Don’t use too many unnecessary additives

It can be very tempting to use additives that are menthol-scented, hoping that they will help loosen your baby’s congested airways. However, that is not necessary as it is unlikely to be of much benefit. Additives can also help breed bacteria and gum up your humidifier. Also, the minerals added can form a white powder, leading to crusty deposits in the humidifier- this is another breeding area for bacteria. These issues are more prevalent in impeller and ultrasonic humidifiers.

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Cheat a little

While cleaning your humidifier, you can throw in an antimicrobial stick or ball into the water to help kill germs. This way, you can be sure that you are not circulating any germs into the air in your baby’s nursery.

Clean the humidifier

You should clean your modifier with a soft-bristle brush and white vinegar at least once a week. After cleaning it, ensure that the water you put in the humidifier is distilled.

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The best place to place your humidifier is about six feet away from your baby and their bed. This distance is safer since the mist will not land on the infant and bed directly. As long as you use it correctly and ensure you adhere to safety guidelines, then your baby will be comfortable.

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