Whether important or trivial, we are faced with making numerous decisions daily, a daunting task. Mastering this skill is nothing short of an art form! If you struggle with making decisions, they you may need to consider what your style is (Yes, that’s a thing!)

 Intuitive: This style is more prevalent among the spontaneous types and as the definition suggests, it tends to be rather immediate and depends largely on experience or a penchant for risk taking.

Limited procrastination: This involves delaying decision-making until one has enough information or until enough factors have been evaluated and enough time has gone by for a situation to stabilise. This style should however not be confused with avoidance or not wanting to make a decision.

Systematic: Identifying and evaluating each possible course of action is key in this decision-making style. Have in mind, that in many instances, it is close to impossible to have all the facts, this should not stop you though. An informed decision is the best information.


Individualistic: This involves researching and arriving at a decision without any external input.

By consensus: This applies to decisions that have to, or should preferably, be arrived at as a group.  Identify the decision to be made together with the goals it should achieve.

Note that as you arrive at your decision, consider the scope and limitations involved in the decision. Try as much as possible to develop alternatives and weigh the pros and cons. Tom Robbins, an American author once said,

“Stay committed to your decisions, Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?

Not all decisions are permanent. Do not hesitate to change direction if a particular decision is evidently not working out or is detrimental. Nailing how to make timely, well-considered decisions, can make the difference between stagnation in life or well-deserved success.

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