Kenyan children are at risk of having a low Intelligent Quotient (IQ) due to high levels of  exposure to Lead. According to experts attending the United Nations Conference, exposing children to lead paints will have a negative impact on them.

Ms. Walker Smith, Director of the Office of Global Affairs and Policy, says there is need to raise urgent awareness over the danger of lead paints,this is due to the damage that Lead paints have  over children’s brains.

The cause of brain injury from exposure to lead in early life  are loss of intelligence,shortening of attention span and disruption of behaviour, due to the human brain’s little capacity for repair,the effects cannot be treated and remain irreversible.

It has also been noted that manufactures add lead to paints to speed up the process of drying, the problem at hand is however not new it has been known for decades though our children continue to suffer from this menace.

The need for Universal Lead screening for pre-school and school-aged children as well as Lead education to the parents is necessary.