Kenyans have once again proven their that they can put their differences aside and have come out in droves to support a woman in Kisauni, Mombasa County put food on the table. This comes after well-wishers who went to visit shared her plight on Facebook. Broadcaster NTV also aired the story which highlighted how Pamela Kitsao was boiling stones to keep hope alive for her 8 hungry children.

Ms. Kitsao, a resident of Meji village in Milango Saba, resorted to this desperate move to make her  children get tired of waiting and go to sleep.

The widow, whose husband died a few months ago, is the sole provider of her family and was hoping to get some relief food from the county government. However,  this had not yet materialized which prompted her move to boil stones.

Ms. Kitsao is among many other Kenyans who have lost their source of livelihood due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The mother of 8 who used to wash clothes in her neighbourhood for a living, says that people have now become cautious due to Covid-19 and no longer allow anyone into their houses.

“That’s where I used to get my little money from but now things have changed. I have nowhere to run to and my children keep on crying because of hunger,” she added to NTV reporters.

Kenyans to the rescue

As residents questioned the county government’s response to needy cases, others promptly acquired Ms. Kitsao’s phone number and sent donations.

Many more also sent their donations as Kenyans questioned why billions of money donated to the government was being mismanaged yet there were dire cases such as Ms. Kitsao’s.

By Thursday morning, after the story aired on Wednesday night, many had donated to the extent her M-Pesa mobile wallet could take no more.