A form three student in Kisii School who was  accused of stabbing two teachers, has been charged with attempted murder and released on cash bail of Sh 50,000.  

According to the police, the accused on Tuesday morning went to the dormitories grabbed a knife and tucked it in his socks before attacking the two teachers after being questioned on being late for class. One of the teachers, Mr. Mokaya is set to undergo surgery but the two are said to be in stable condition.

According to police report, the 17-year-old revealed that he was very unhappy with the school and had requested his mother for a transfer.

Warunge, girlfriend to remain in police custody for 14 days
The ruling was made by Kiambu Magistrate Patricia Gichohi on Monday morning. Warunge and Muthoni will therefore be detained in Gigiri and Muthaiga police stations respectively.

This comes just days after a 22-year old Mount Kenya University student confessed to killing his parents, brother and a handyman. This two latest incidents have raised concerns to parents and to teachers due to the increasing rates of violence.

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