Thousands of grade four and standard eight students missed their KNEC assessment test,which commenced on Wednesday owing to lack of funds to purchase materials needed.

According to head teachers who spoke to the Nation, downloading and printing the materials was too costly, particularly for standard eight pupils who are doing exams on every subject.

Government yet to give new desks
The government has failed on its promise to deliver desks,chairs and lockers to public primary and secondary schools by October 19th.

The deadline given for schools to create timetables for the tests is Friday,and the exams will be marked internally.However,the results will be uploaded to the KNEC portal.

In some schools,pupils were asked to pay for the printing and photocopying of the exams.A head teacher,while speaking to the Nation,said that this is because the government only released 20 instead of 30 percent of the funds to schools.

"Some teachers have been using their money to meet the school needs since March," said the head teacher.

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