The closer you live to the sea, the healthier you will be, according to a report in the UK journal Health Place. The researchers believe it could be due to the reviving qualities of the salty air, or the fact that the sea is calming and encourages you to spend more time outdoors. Other studies show that people who spend more time active in nature are healthier and less likely to suffer from the blues. Even if you don’t live near the sea, pack your bags wherever you can and head for the beach.

Are you risking your health at work?

Do you drag yourself to work even when you are feeling unwell? Fears about job security lead many people to put their jobs ahead of their health. Many people report to work when they are ill for fear of losing their job, while others work long hours even when they are not feeling well. When under pressure at work, it is even more vital to keep an eye on your health. Stress and lack of sleep undermine immune function, so if you are feeling under the weather, try boosting your immunity with healthy eating and taking supplements. Also call off sick when you are too sick but ensure to follow your employer’s regulations.

Ward off diabetes with high protein breakfast

As well as keeping hunger at bay, high protein breakfasts help you maintain better glucose and insulin control, which could help ward off diabetes, according to a study from the University of Missouri in the US. If you eat healthily now and consume foods that help control your glucose levels, you may be protecting yourself from developing diabetes in future. When you are stuck for easy protein-rich breakfast ideas, try peanut butter on toast, a feta and spinach omelette, or yoghurt with a handful of almonds.

Banana, the wonder fruit

Rich in potassium, high in fibre and low in sodium, luscious bananas are one of nature’s gifts to our health and wellbeing. Studies show eating the fruit can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, help you stay more alert and also make you feel happier due to the mood-enhancing tryptophan. They are also the perfect glucose-boosting post-workout snack. Plus, they are available all year round and quite inexpensive.

Published April 2017…