The Nokia 3310

Here’s something millenials might have no idea about? Remember the Nokia 3310? Arguably, the strongest ,most durable phone ever created?! Which other phone could rival its battery life and its magic shatter-proof powers?

So guess what? Nokia finally all heard our prayers and decided to give us a major #TBT by announcing the phone will make a comeback by end of February. (We know -Haaaallelujah!)


Photo:Courtesy                                                                                                                        The phone was first launched 17 years ago.According to leading business publications Tech Central and Business Insider, the information is as good as gold after reliable phone news leaker, Evan Blass wrote in VentureBeat that HMD Global, a Finnish company that has exclusive rights to manufacturing Nokia phones, is planning a ‘modern version’ relaunch of the phone. “HMD is holding its launch event on 26 February in Barcelona. It’s explicitly targeting the European marketplace, while distribution plans for other regions weren’t immediately known,” Blass writes.

It is unknown, however which ‘modern features’ exactly   this phone will have. We just hope the dopest game ever and Nokia’s signature (yet another one) Snake will still be there! But we are pretty sure for a lot of Nokia lovers, having a 3310 may simply boil down to nolstalgia and treasured memories.

The 17 year old Nokia 3310 was first launched in 2000 and was phased out several years ago. Nokia which struggled to stay afloat with the influx of smartphones was eventually bought   out by Microsoft in 2013.