Our relationships with money are a very personal thing. We each grow up with preconceived notions and beliefs about money and through our own individual experiences, develop different feelings about money, including how it should be spent and whether it should be saved. Making decisions on money  as an individual is hard and even harder when making the same decisions with a new partner.

3 ways poor communication can ruin your relationship
If the communication is poor, there will be a lot of conflict between the involved parties.

For instance, you may want to invest in them so that they can know you are serious with them especially during courtship. For this reason, people often end up making bad financial decisions and if the relationship does not work out, you are left stressed out, lamenting, cursing  and asking questions.

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Therefore, when choosing someone to potentially spend our lives with, so many of us ignore one crucial component-money. If you want to ensure that you make the best financial decisions while in a relationship, then here are things you ought to understand:

Communication is key

As your relationship with that person kick starts, be sure  to talk about different relationship factors like if you both want kids and how many kids you want as kids can be very expensive. As soon as you delve deeper into knowing each other, set aside time to talk about the financial decision at hand. Its never too early to talk about money.

How to get your child to start saving
Life can be very unpredictable. Without finances, it would be a challenge to live a comfortable life in the future having not planned for it.

Write it out

Before you set on engaging your partner in that talk, have a well-written financial plan. In your plan, include some background on how you were raised to think about money, your money stressors, and your financial goals. You can as well include the ways to raise cash and how you wish to spend.


To have a truly productive conversation, you must be committed to listening. If you both agree to have that talk be willing to listen. We all make this mistake of wanting to talk more and interrupting. When you give your ears to listen you will get to learn more. You will understand your partners point of view and also learn something new.

Why studying your partner before marriage is important
Regardless of your busy schedules, make time to get to know your partner better. You need to grasp your spouse’s point of view about relationships, finance and kids just to name a few.

Involve numbers

Money is all about numbers. It's one thing to have money goals and plans, it’s another thing to map them out  Take the time to figure out exactly how each financial decision would play out over the short and long term. Writing down the goals into numbers will help you see what you can afford and what you cant. This will help you both roll out a plan for the future.

Once you are through with the planning, put the plans into action. You can start a saving account together. This will give you a nice platform to save for the future and also meet your financial targets.

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