For Keith, the past eight months has been a living hell as he discovered that his wife of 18 years, Sarah, was messaging and sexting African men online. He said they agreed to work on their marriage and pray for each other – but recently, Keith says she dropped a bombshell.

Speaking on Dr. Phil show Keith said, “Sarah told me she no longer loves me, and she wants to start a new life with some guy from Kenya named Kevin she’s never even met other than online, she wants to divorce me and abandon me and my four children.”

To Keith, her wife who was the church secretary is a “perfect” housewife, and mother who home schooled their children, started to change two years ago after she went to see a Nigerian natural doctor.

“She lost 15 pounds, changed her diet, and stopped breastfeeding. I wasn’t physically attractive to her anymore,” Keith recalls of the woman he calls the “love of my life.” “I was devastated. She lost interest in being intimate with me.”

Keith, who says he’s “beyond angry,” says he fears Sarah is being “blinded” by her online love.

“I think Sarah’s being brainwashed,” Keith says. “If Sarah goes to Africa, she may end up disappearing in the jungle and getting eaten by lions or jackals. I hope that Dr. Phil can help me. The Sarah that I married would’ve never wanted to leave me.”