We all have different experiences when it comes to marriage. It is certain that when matters marriage are being discussed people will tend to have varying opinions and views regarding it. The phrase 'marriage is a scam' has become popular on social media. However, this may not be everyone's experience.

We took the conversation to our Facebook page to collect feedback on the same. Here's what our Facebook audiences had to say:

Emmz Litali: Just because you’re unsuccessful with your union doesn’t make interdependence a bad thing, it simply means the one you picked didn’t work for you.

Beatrice Chemurgor: Marriage is the best thing that can happen  to two people  who love and respect each other. Love is, a beautiful  feeling  and everyone deserves  to love and to be loved. If it's not working then that's not love, quit and find your happy. Never discourage those who are happy.

Chepty Chepkorir: If you overthink it, you start using that statement. Marriage is good. Everything has its challenges. Maisha inataka tu mos mos.

Miriam Njiru: Just like education or business does not work for everyone, marriage is also the same . Just because you tried business and didn't work out for you, you dont call it scam so is marriage.

Monica Kay: Marriage like anything in life is an outcome of what you put in it. If you put rubbish, you get rubbish.  If you put in the effort, you will reap good fruits

Dorine Oyoo: Marriage is the best thing only if u find someone who loves you and trust and if there is a respect and don't allow scammers in your life.

Laura Cheshari: Marriage is a scam for manipulators, abusers, dysfunctional people and narcissists but a bliss for healthy and emotionally balanced individuals.

Josphine Ede: Marriage is a scam to those that handle it according to their own/worldly knowledge, but to those that use the manual of the one who created it (God), wuueh, marriage is wonderful.

Min Gabby: Just like they say you rip what you sow, same thing with marriage, gather in gabage, enjoy rubbish. Gather in prosperity, hard work, lots of love and patience, rip joy and fulfillment.


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