Gracing our cover this month is Simon and Sarah Kabu, the founders of Bonfire Adventures – an award winning tours, travel and events company. The couple has two children: four-year-old Austin Mtalii Kabu and five-month-old Anita Kabu.

Simon and Sarah met through an online platform and connected through their love for adventure. Today, they run Bonfire Adventures, a company that has revolutionised the tours and travel industry in the region.
The couple, who are young parents, says they believe their passion, resilience and consistency in addition to God’s favour has been instrumental in steering the company to success.

They have learnt to capitalise on each other’s strengths in order to move their business to new heights. When not travelling, they enjoy reading and whereas Simon loves watching movies, Sarah treats herself to a spa session to unwind.

They share on their rise from humble beginnings to run a successful company, as well as parenting in the midst of their tight schedules, in the Cover Story column.

Published April 2017