Thank you for sharing your journey of love in February under our #MapenziNi tag.  As promised here were our best love stories and we hope you will love them as well…



When Charles Gichangi Wachira went to study abroad, the only way he could keep in touch with friends and relatives in Kenya was through email. One day, in 2010, unbeknown to him, while chatting with his cousin, his cousin noted it down on a paper but unfortunately, while attending church that weekend, it got lost.

When Jane Watiri found a lost paper in her church with a clear email address she couldn’t help herself; she emailed the stranger. Soon the couple established a rapport, which escalated to three phone calls a day, despite having never shared as little as a photo.

Charles&Jane Gichangi at Distant Relatives Ecolodge -Kilifi after winning the #MapenziNi Campaign

When the families met to receive Charles at the airport in 2014, a surprise was in the offing. Charles had revealed his plan to marry Jane that same day to his relatives who helped to pull off the surprise!

Charles’ welcoming party turned out to be a bridal party as the couple were whisked to the Gracehouse Church in Nairobi’s city centre where they tied their nuptials.

Photo :Courtesy

The thirty-year olds have been happily married for three years now and have a son almost 3 years


James and his wife,Milcah

When James Wachira Njiru picked a coke to quench his thirst as he travelled upcountry, he had no idea it would land him a wife. As he alighted from a Nyeri bound matatu  around Kambiti along the Embu-Nyeri Highway, he saw a damsel in distress: a lady driver bent over her open bonnet.

James approached her and enquired if something was wrong. As it turns out, she had engine trouble. Coincidentally, James was just the right guy, he was a mechanic! Better yet, he also had the solution in hand…literally. Coke could be used

Thanks to a mechanical problem with her car ,James found Milcah

clean engine parts. As the engine fired to life so did James’ love life. The two changed contacts and as they say, the rest is history.


The couple have now been married for 13 years and have two kids.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]