Mark Bryan is currently on the spotlight for being a man who wears skirts and heels to work. The American, currently living in Germany where he works as a robotic engineer, has rejected the gender stereotypes that dictate what is feminine and what is masculine and should thus be worn by men.

In fact,all his Instagram posts bear the same caption;"Clothes and shoes have no gender."

While talking to the media outlets, Mark said,"I dress like this because I can.Just to be different.I have always admired the women that wore tight skirts and heels.Not sexually,but the power they represented.To me,clothes have no gender.I prefer skirts to dresses as dresses don't allow me to mix the genders.I prefer a "masculine' look above the waist and a non-gendered look below the waist.It's all about clothes having no gender."

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When asked how wearing heels and skirts make him feel,Mark reiterated that heels make him feel not only taller,but also empowered.

"All in all,maybe having the inner strength to have the confidence to wear non-conforming clothing has also given me the confidence and strength to handle my pressures at work."

Photo; Daily Mail

He is a happily married man and told the press that his wife and family(he is a father of three) support him fully. "My wife often makes suggestions on what I should wear.My daughter wishes she could borrow my shoes at times. "

And what classy shoes he has!

His unique sense of style has fashion moguls and icons like Rihanna following him on social media.

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