According to the Standard, a man from kisumu identified as JFM has lost his land for failing to support his child’s upkeep.

This happened after he failed to pay Ksh10,000 every month for his child’s welfare as ordered by a court of law.

The man defied court orders and as a result court ordered that the land should be registered in the name of the child’s mother.

Earlier, the man had been directed to make such monthly payments after their marriage ended.

It all began with him taking a loan from a bank and using the land as security before selling it. However, a high court judge ruled that ownership of the land and title be reverted to the name of the child’s mother.

The high court judge found that the buyer of the land was not innocent but took part in helping JFM to evade the attachment of the rental income arising from the land.

High Court judge further found that the buyer colluded with JFM and illegally purchased the disputed land.

Recently High Court declared that only what a spouse has contributed to the marriage – be it the wife or the husband – can he or she walk away with upon divorce.