With the resumption of learning for grade 4 and candidates yesterday, the priorities of teachers extend from teaching to health safety.  Teachers will now be forced to navigate their main roles as educators during this pandemic.

Being back to the full learning schedule of more than six hours could pose numerous risks to public health. Due to this, teachers are advised to go an extra mile in upholding necessary safety precautions to curb the spread of the virus and also to protect both their health and their students' .

Just like everyone else, teachers too, can contaminate the virus. The fact that one is never sure of the degree of hygiene observed by their students while outside school is a reason to worry. Also, because young people are at greater risks of carrying asymptomatic diseases, teachers may find themselves exposed to the virus without knowing it. Bellow are some of the safety precautions teachers can take up to ensure safety within the school environment.

Photo Courtesy: Right: C.S Education Prof George Magoha with his team during yesterday's schools inspection at St. Anne Catholic School

Safety precautions teachers can take when dealing with students in schools

  1. Teachers should practice the first first line of defense against the virus. This includes: wearing face masks, social distancing and ensuring there is enough ventilation in the classrooms.
  2. Beyond this, they should assume their hands are dirty every time they touch an object touched by a student, hence should sanitize their hands regularly with at least 60% alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  3. Also, they should have zero tolerance when a child is sick. If they show Covid- 19 symptoms, they should be tested and sent home untill the tests prove otherwise.
  4. Teachers should normalize performing body temparature screening for everyone within the school or visitors coming in. They should be screened daily for Covid- 19 symptoms.
  5. Teachers should also try using cohorts while going about activities such as eating in halls and cafetarias. This will limit the spread of the virus to one cohort and also make contact tracing easier.