Early this morning, leader of the Majority and Senator for Elgeyo Marakwet County Kipchumba Murkomen took to his Twitter account to announce that there will be no senate proceedings.

Source: The Star

This is after his early morning tweet stating DCI sent officers to Senetor Langat house a few minutes to 3 am. He further said that the offices were planning arrest him and make sure he does not take part in the division of revenue debate.

                           Courtesy: Twitter

On a video uploaded from twitter, the Kericho County's Senator was heard saying that he was being threatened all over and that the officers had no warranty to arrest him. According to the senator, he did not get to know the grounds  for his arrest.

Senator Langat claims he is being terrorized over revenue standoff dead hit. Till now, the officers are still camping at his home in Nyayo estate.

Moreover, Kipchumba continued to stop the proceedings after Senator Lelegwe (Samburu County) has just been arrested and taken to Samburu for “grilling”.

He continued affirming that  if the three senators Malala, Langat and Lelegwe are not present, there will be no senate proceedings.