Is money something you and your partner argue about fairly often? It’s a common issue in relationships to have extremely different opinions about money. Your significant other might have had completely different money experiences in their own family. It can be hard, to say the least, to meet in the middle.

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The following are steps you can take to reduce the amount of stress taking a toll on your partnership:

1.Understand emotions tied to money

Money can affect interactions with your significant other especially if you have different ideologies about making, spending, saving or investing it. Therefore, letting personal feelings get in the way of concrete financial planning and budgeting may lead to long-term problems. Being logical and productive about your money goals and spending can help any discussions about money be less fraught with emotion.

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2.Consider different spending habits

In reality if you are having money problems it is likely tied to the fact that you spend money very differently from your partner. With that being said, you can get on the same page if both of you are willing to be open and honest about the good and bad points surrounding each of your spending habits.

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Try to be open about adopting good habit and dropping those ones that could be bleeding your account dry.  When you are willing to learn from your partner’s good points about money, that can be a beneficial aspect of your relationship to grow together.

3.Communicate often with open discussions

Letting money issues fester can cause arguments about other things. When you communicate about money often and openly, where each person isn’t afraid to speak up about how they feel, it’s going to lead to more productive money conversations. That way, everyone in the relationship feels like they can bring up the dreaded money subject at any time.

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4.Remember that finances can be stressful

Extreme financial stress can sink the ship of any good relationship. Navigating those financial waters can be tricky, at best. If you need help in your financial situation, it’s always a good idea to look to a third party for assistance. A financial advisor can help set you and your partner on the right track to untangling some of the issues you are facing with money, and mediate a plan that works for everyone, helping you both to deal with money problems better in the long run.

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