Whether you are trying to get pregnant, not to get pregnant, or whether you are counting down your ovulating days; knowing when ovulation is taking place could be your saving grace.

By learning to recognize the signs of ovulation, you’ll be able to time sex with your partner accordingly to boost the odds of getting pregnant.

But even if you’re not trying to conceive right at this moment, having a better understanding of ovulation signs can give you a clearer picture of your menstrual cycle and help you spot any abnormal ovulation symptoms down the line.

Here are different ways women keep track of their ovulation cycles.

1. You may feel a sexy tingle. During ovulation, your sex drive may be higher than usual.

2. Counting down the days. This is considered an old fashion way, but for someone who experiences a normal 28-day cycle, it works brilliantly. According to the cycle, ovulation takes place 14 days before the period.

3. Menstrual Cycle App. This clearly is technology redefined. It is quite similar to counting, only this time, the application does all the work for you. Good examples are Period Tracker and Eve.

4. Ovulation test kits. They are similar to pregnancy tests, however the ovulation test kit tests urine for a surge in the luteinising hormone, which happens one or two days before ovulation.