Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha yesterday announced that parents will bear the costs of rebuilding classes and dormitories torched by students in schools unrest.

According to Prof Magoha, the government will not pay a penny to build the schools that have already been burnt by students but rather the parents will be forced to meet the expenses.

“If we catch you, first of all, that information will be part of your record for the rest of your life and the law does not allow you, even if you’re 10 years, to go and buy petrol to burn public property, if you want to, go burn your fathers building,” stated Prof. Magoha.

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During the cause of this term, there has been a wave of students unrest in several schools in the country where learners have gone on strike for different reasons. The result has been massive destruction of school property and severe injuries among students. A recent case is in Buruburu Girls High School where 59 students were left nursing serious injuries after a fire incident in one of their dormitories.

“I continue to slightly castigate parents who still treat children as eggs, this has been part of the problem. There is an improvement, but the child must be allowed to be ready to survive on his or her own in an environment like this,”  added the CS

The statement comes barely days after the Ministry of Education reviewed the third term calendar in order allow students to proceed on half term break on Friday, November 2021 and resume on Tuesday, November 23 2021.

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