A partnership between Kenya’s first licensed e-pharmacy MYDAWA and Novo Nordisk will do away with the cold chain insulin distribution, and make it easier for people with diabetes to refill their prescriptions online and at affordable prices.

Speaking about the partnership, Vinay Ransinwal, Novo Nordisk’s vice president said that the aim is to accelerate and expand access to care for patients all over the nation.

According to Tony Wood, MYDAWA Managing Director, the new partnership is partly aimed at keeping the costs of healthcare down.

“As MYDAWA expands, opening fulfilment centres across the country, the costs and timelines associated with delivery will continue to fall ensuring better health outcomes for more and more Kenyans.” He said.

The partnership is set to do away with the feature of time and cost for the patient. This arrangement enables the patient to have a direct and clear cut means of access to care, by just pressing a button. In the past, the World Health Organization has expressed concern over the hasty rise in cases of diabetes in both middle-income and low-income nations, including Kenya.

By estimation, the prevalence of diabetes in Kenya is at 3.3% and is expected to rise to 4.5% in the next three years if this trend is not reviewed. Affecting more than 425 million individuals worldwide, and with 5 million people in Kenya living with diabetes, diabetes is labelled an international pandemic, with some unaware that they are living with diabetes.

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