The goddess locs movement is upon us, and woe unto you if you let it pass you by. Made popular by Hollywood A-listers on the red carpet, the goddess locs fever is spreading thick and fast. Here’s what you need to know about this Godsend hairstyle.

The goddess locs have got to be the hottest hairstyle right now. If you loved faux locs, then you will definitely adore goddess locs, which have a softer look than its predecessor faux locs. This makes them look fancier. Also, while the faux locs have contained, burned ends, the goddess locs features free flowing tendrils, which gives it a distinct look.

Get the look

Before installing goddess locs, ensure your hair is clean and well moisturised. Goddess locs are achieved by using two different textures of synthetic hair – one has to be wavy/curly such as the zouk bulk from Darling Hair and the other is what you would normally use for faux locs such as the Marley braid or Kinky braids.

Start by twisting your hair using the wavy braid leaving the curled ends loose. Then take the second synthetic  hair and wrap it around the twisted strand from the hair shaft but not to the end. While wrapping, ensure you leave part of the wavy braid exposed at the tip. You can use a nail glue to seal the end of the Marley braid or neatly make a knot to secure it in place.

The goddess locs can last up to three months with minor repairs along the hairline and the cost of installation largely depends on your hairstylist and the amount of braids to be used. The look can also be achieved using human hair extensions with the main difference being the cost and appearance.

Of course, goddess locs made from human hair braiding extension will have more sheen and be more softer than those made from synthetic hair. However, human hair braiding extensions could be a little harder to find compared to its synthetic counterpart. All in all, they both look fantastic!

On length, you have the option of long and short goddess locs with the former being the standard. Long goddess locs sits around the bra-strap to mid-back length while the short goddess locs sits around the shoulder to arm pit length.

Although the goddess locs is a low manipulation hairstyle (requires little styling), there are various ways to rock them such as high bun, low bun, ponytail or letting them flow freely. The choice is yours.