The gifting and self-care culture has gone up a notch. Surprising your friends with something that they have always wanted or ‘added to cart’ but never bought will have you on a high pedestal-not that it’s the goal, but it doesn’t hurt.

Here are a few affordable pieces to make their Galentine’s worth remembering.

Get Brassy!

I don’t mean this literally, of course. Brass jewellery has become a staple in the fashion industry, and women want it in their jewellery collections. Brass has an attractive, warm tone and comes close to gold in colour. It is affordable, and its aesthetics are top-notch!

If your friends love jewellery-most women do, then you can never go wrong with a piece or two. Also, brass pairs well with warm skin tones, making it an even better gift.

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Go with Mules

Mules are a top fashion statement this year. They are versatile and can be paired with loose-fitting jackets and high waist trousers, for instance, bringing out a retro look. Mules with tailored pants or trousers make this formal outfit look classy and elegant.

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Bring out the wax!

Scented candles have become the in-thing lately. People want their houses to smell nice and look aesthetically pleasing, and candles do precisely that. There are different scents available, and to purchase these, make sure you know your girls’ favourite scent.

Candles help set the mood, whether it’s a cosy, relaxing mood or both.

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Punny gifts

We all love some humour. If you are Kenyan, you know puns, sarcasm, and memes always make a frown turn upside down. For a friend who appreciates some good humour, surprise them with a mug, card, diary, journal or anything that has puns on them.

Get creative! After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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Customized gifts

If you bought your friend a notebook, watch or any jewellery that had a phrase, poem or their name on it, satisfaction and gratefulness are guaranteed. You can never go wrong with customized gifts, as they will constantly be a reminder of how much you mean to a person.

You can go for watches, bracelets, books, bags, pens and more.

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Home decor

Everyone wants their home to look good. Given how fast adulthood takes over, gifting a friend some home décor is not a bad idea. Why? It upgrades their home and rejuvenates their mood when they open the door and see something worth ogling at.

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Skincare products

Listen, ladies love something that can make their skin glow. Skincare products for anyone struggling with acne or who wants to maintain good skin and hygiene are a great idea. Ensure you know what skin type your friend has before purchasing the item(s).

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Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

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