Many homeowners have taken up the idea of having plants in their house, with others even leaving a whole room to them. There's no denying that indoor plants look amazing wherever they are placed. They add to a space, the feeling that nature brings with it-relaxation and calmness.

Having this feeling comes with many benefits, adding to the other perks plants bring to a home. The following are reasons you should have an indoor plant. Or more!


The appearance of your space gets ten times better with plants around. They add a vibrant feeling to a room with their greenness, making it suitable for when you feel low and want some cheering up. Moreover, plants are a great addition to your décor items as they add beauty and functionality to a room.

Source/HGTV Canada

Mood enhancer

Research has found that being around plants enhances a person's productivity, positivity and energy levels. The lesser stress you have the more you feel alive and are ready to get work done. Plants have also been found to enhance creativity as they boost your concentration on tasks at hand.

Clean air

Plants absorb toxins that are often present in our homes hence cleaning the air around us. They also emit oxygen and increase humidity in a room, bringing freshness to the space.


Taking care of a plant and seeing it thrive brings with it a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. It reduces your stress and anxiety levels as you get to watch it grow and blossom under your care. This, truly, is an amazing feeling. It also gives you a sense of responsibility as you get to earn the name plant mum/plant dad.

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Some indoor plants act as natural medicine. Aloe Vera, for example, helps treat cuts, burns and irritated skin. This is a handy and fast way to treat skin irritations and small accidents. The water vapour released by plants increases the humidity in a room which helps improve respiratory and skin health, making a room friendly for those with allergies and respiratory issues.


In conclusion...

When you decide to take to keep indoor plants, start with simple plants to care for such as cactus or succulents. They need less care as they can survive without constant watering. From there, you can pick up plants that need more care. Being a plant parent most importantly requires discipline and intention.

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