When you are getting into a new relationship its normal for you to have moments of doubt and sometimes feel nervous when it comes to thinking through the potential of lifelong together in marriage.  We all yearn to meet the ideal person but in some instances that doesn't work out. Today, many men and women go into marriage with high hopes, but very little preparation, and end up struggling and in tears. Here are some of the red flags that, this is not the ideal guy or girl for you.

Finding healing after a failed relationship
The pain of a failed relationship cuts deep. When two people commit to each other, their interests, goals and plans become one and once that bubble is burst, it takes quite some time to dissociate oneself from the other person. The following advice will help you heal the wounds...

Unhealthy communication

Communicating well is essential from the very first time you hook up. If you’re able to listen, understand each other’s point of view and respect each other’s opinions, it will be much easier to not take things so personally, move on quickly if things don’t work out and generally feel a lot better about yourself for being considerate. Communication is the most important aspect of every relationship.

You have doubts

If always you having numerous doubts about that guy or girl then be informed this isn't the guy for you. Such doubts maybe from the kind of behavior that person portrays or the kind of friends he keeps. If the doubts keep recurring just walk away.

How to deal with boredom in marriage
Going through this phase doesn’t mean that the marriage is doomed. It only means that more effort; time and energy needs to be invested in the marriage.

Warnings from friends and family

Most of your friends and family members will always wish you the best in life. When we happen to be entangled in a relationship we are often blinded by love. An important component of a healthy marriage is having supportive friends and family members.  Friends and family often see things that we’re blind to. If your friends keep on warning you its best to rethink and take the next big step, Walk away. It may be painful but its  a bold move you ought to take.

High level of dependence

If you happen to meet a new person and he/ she tends to highly expect you to provide or be the one act then you are getting yourself in the wrong relationship. If you or your partner need to rely or expect each other to take care of all their needs, this isn’t good as it means trouble down the line. Life is all ups and downs. One time you may lack and  if this person only looks upon you, he/she may end packing their things and leaving. Love life is all about complimenting each other.

Why studying your partner before marriage is important
Regardless of your busy schedules, make time to get to know your partner better. You need to grasp your spouse’s point of view about relationships, finance and kids just to name a few.

Dishonesty and not being open with each other

If you ever feel  that your partner is hiding things from you then its evident that you are unhappy. If you  ever find yourself needing to hide or justify silly things to your partner then expect to be unhappy in that relationship.

Finding a partner is one thing but choosing him/ her is another thing that you ought to take with caution. The ultimate goal of any relationship is complimenting each other and being the reason that person feels happy and loved giving her a sense of belonging in that relationship