Confessed killer Masten Wanjala has been lynched by an irate mob in Bungoma, days after he escaped from Jogoo road police station where he was being held. Following, the news of his death on Friday morning, social media was on a frenzy as users expressed different reactions.

The 20-year old's death comes a day after his father expressed his shock on learning that his son had disappeared from the police cell and insisted that he had no desire to meet him.

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Wanjala escaped from his holding cell on Wednesday night under mysterious circumstances.  According to Bungoma County Police Commander Musyoki Mutungi, Wanjala arrived at his parents' home on Thursday night but villagers spotted him and flushed him out in the early hours of Friday morning when they beat him to death.  

Three police officers had already been arrested on suspicion of aiding Wanjala's escape. At the time of publication, the officers have since been released on a cash bail of ksh 100,000 each.

Wanjala came into the limelight in July this year after he confessed to killing 13 children.

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