When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, Walter Waweru (33) and Rose Wanjiku (26), as well as their newborn baby, were among the first people to feel the economic ramifications of the pandemic.

Walter Waweru and his wife Rose Wanjiku during happier times. [Source: Courtesy]

Kicked out of their rented house, the trio found comfort in the cold benches of Kiambu County Referral Hospital.

Rose nursing her baby on the cold benches of Kiambu Referral Hospital. [Source: Courtesy]

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Walter and Rose at Walter's salon in Ngara. On this day, they were preparing to spend the night at Walter's salon. [Source: Courtesy]

You can reach the couple through their social media handles @Rozzymeldy and @Walter Waweru Weezy.

Walter and Rose during happier times. [Source: Courtesy]