Weddings are something we all look forward to; the joy, the love in the air, the cheers, the possibility of new beginnings. It all puts you in a jolly mood. Long gone are the days when wedding preparations were straight forward, now you have to put a lot more effort and thought into your wedding’s theme and decor.

Here are some few ideas to inspire your choices;

The Red Wedding

Valentine’s is coming up and you can get inspiration from it. Red is bright, bold and beautiful, just how your wedding should be.


The Simple, Elegant Outdoors 

Outdoor weddings are simply elegant. Your guests will enjoy free flowing air and the glorious beauty that is nature.


Evening Twilight Wedding

We can all concur, that the sunset is breathtaking, other worldly even. This wedding will set you apart from the thousands of weddings that take place during the day.

African inspired wedding 

Just a bit of that african touch will set you apart! Introduce some heritage and culture into your wedding decor.


Your wedding is your chance, to burst with creativity, coming up with ideas that will truly make your wedding your own. Get creative with the help of these themes.