We are all made to think that the ultimate goal in life is meeting 'the one' and starting a life together.  But even those who have been in a relationship can attest that its not always rosy; relationships have their ups and downs.

It is, therefore, high time that people drop the idea that being single means being lonely, because of the aspirations that have been set,  because staying single has its perks too.

Here are four reasons why staying single may be good for you:

1.Space to figure out who you want to be in this life

Being single gives one ample time to think about who he/she is and what you want in this  life. It also gives you the time and space to explore new places, meet new people and learn more about yourself. This will give you the time to figure what you want to achieve in life and keep you from hinderances to achieving that goal. Staying single will thus help tap the best from you as you will be able to learn what you can achieve without the help or push from someone.

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2. Frees up your schedule and mind

Being in a relationship calls for sacrifices. You are expected to make time in your busy schedules for your partner to keep the relationship strong and thriving. Staying single will save you all this as you only have to think about your own personal priorities maybe  your work and at times your kids. When single, you are also able to learn how to make yourself happy by being proactive with the activities you do and the company you keep.

3. Single people are healthier

Experts argue that most people who suffer from mental health issues are those in a relationship. Lucy a businesswoman in Nairobi who was a victim of family-related depressions says "Ask anyone who has been in a romantic relationship for a while: nothing is perfect..."

According to her, when you are in a relationship, your mental health might be affected by stress from fights or arguments, or stresses from issues such as infidelity.

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4. You strengthen friendships

Being single gives you more time to travel, and exploring new areas means meeting new people and thus making new friends. Being single doesn't only give you space to make more friends but also gives you the space in life to spend quality time with friends you already have. This will go a long way in developing your existing friendships and even make you better prepared for a romantic relationship should you decide to pursue one.

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