Today’s sneakers are more than just comfortable shoes; they are modern, stylish, versatile and a fashion statement. They not only add an extra edge to casual outfits, but they can also be the focus of a plain outfit. We tell you what to pair them with.


For a long time sneakers have been viewed as appropriate for sports or running errands. Many people feel pairing sneakers with everyday outfits is a daunting task especially when you are not wearing jeans. But it is possible to pair your sneakers with almost everything in your closet. Step out looking fashionable with these ideas.


Dresses and skirts: Wearing dresses with sneakers seems to be the latest trend in town. But did you know that it isn’t a new thing? In 1980, a strike of the New York City Transit Authority halted operation of all the city’s subways and buses. As a result, working women began wearing running shoes with their suits while going to and from work. They carried their heels in their bags so they could make a quick change once they reached their destination. Although the strike is said to have lasted for only 11 days, its effects on fashion continued for most of the decade and now this fashion craze is back!

sneakers-1Dresses and sneakers are definitely two very distinctive styles. However, if worn correctly, they can create a totally on-trend look. The sneaker with a dress look is the perfect casual-chic outfit for a lazy weekend spent outdoors. Try pairing your sneakers with a short dress or skirt for that edgy and chic look.

Go for a slip-on sneaker as it is easy to wear since it has no shoe laces or complicated zippers and all you have to do is slip them on with your favorite miniskirt or short dress.

Long tops: Trendy sneakers compliment long tops flawlessly. The long top can be structured yet relaxed, making casual and comfortable sneakers the perfect shoe pairing. Consider wearing a long top in plain colour with rolled out skinny jeans above the ankle to show off your stylish sneakers. Keep proportions in mind; for instance, avoid wearing a long top with a miniskirt and sneakers, as this will make your legs appear short.

Consider pairing a large print floral long top with sneakers or a top whose colour contrasts your sneakers. For example, if you’re wearing a bright-coloured top in a light shade, choose a dark coloured sneaker to go with.


Jeg gings and jeans: Got a sleek pair of skinny jeans or jeggings lying in your closet? Pair them up with sneakers, as they add an effortless, easy vibe to an outfit. However, ensure your sneakers are stylish as skinny jeans and jeggings leave so much space for you to show off your shoes. Let your sneakers be the focal point of the look and keep the rest of the pieces in dark or neutral colours.


You can wear sneakers fashionably; the trick is to pair them with casual pieces for that classic look.