Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has stunned Kenyans this morning with the revelation that he is selling one of his Kidneys for one million Kenya shillings as a result of huge debts.

The ‘tafakari ya babu‘ famed news anchor, while speaking to Maji Maji on Brekko this morning, said he had immersed huge debts from a Shylock that his salary alone could not cater for.

When Maji Maji of Ghetto Radio tried to bargain the prize down to Seven fifty thousand Kenya shillings, The news anchor says he has a big name in the industry therefore the best he can do is eight hundred or eight hundred and fifty thousand thousand.

The news about Swaleh went viral after he revealed in an interview with a local publication that he wants to sell his kidney.

The news anchor even promised to put up an advertisement in the news paper regarding the same.

When asked why he couldn’t just use his salary to cover the debt, He says that the amount of deductions made from his salary on loans can not help him sort out the debt.

Swaleh says he also cannot call for a fundraising to help sort out the issue because most Kenyans nowadays fear fundraisers.