There has been a rise in indiscipline among students since schools resumed, an observation made by teachers since schools reopened on January 4, 2021.

A Mathematics teacher from Nyaronde Secondary school in Nyamira County, Jared Motito, while speaking to local reporters, said that students had become more stubborn, difficult and rude since the school reopened.

Motito also  stated that most students were  showing a lot of disrespect for teachers and the school authority and that their morals had been corroded during the nine months break.

"These students report to class late. They are rude and reluctant to perform manual duties assigned to them. They also refuse to do their school assignments," Motito said.

Education officials plead with able parents to pay school fees
CS Magoha pleads with able parents to pay school fees

He also noted that during the long break, most students had been abusing drugs. To him, this was a major factor affecting the students behavior.

"Some of this kids were indulging in drugs during the break and now many are struggling  with withdrawal. Some of them are stressed and that's why you have heard students stabbing teachers," Motito told local media

Freedom and luxury accorded to the students while at home was also a factor he said contributed to the changed behavior.

"They come to school and feel like its a small prison," he said.

The Mathematics teacher said that the fact that parents go to work and leave the students alone, gave them time to socialize with  friends and even communicate with each other with phones and sim cards which they have registered with the parents ID cards, hence the changes in behaviour.

He also stated that teachers were not prepared enough to handle the changed behavior and urged the government and education officials to deploy counsellors to schools to help the learners settle in.

Elsewhere, the Teachers Service Commission through a report, has urged the public to help in counselling the students positively. Teachers at Ndhiwa constituency raised similar concerns asking for committees to be formed so as to ensure discipline is restored in students.

Student arrested for attempt to attack teacher with machete
Police report that the 18-year-old was plotting to attack the Deputy Principal, Jared Morara.

The Area Member of Parliament, Martins Owino also promised to establish centers for student counselling through the National Government-Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF)

Feature Image; The Kisii School student who stabbed two teachers. (Source,

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