Hundreds of young people in the country are today joining their global counterparts to commemorate the International Youth Day which is held annually on August 12. The day is set aside to uplift the problems faced by the youth from different parts of the globe in front of the international community as well as highlight the ways in which the youth are contributing to the progress of the world.

This years celebrations were guided by the theme "Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health." The theme is usually chosen in response to the most pressing and current issues of concerns that were highlighted at ECOSOC Youth Forum (EYF) 2021.

The day is usually marked by colourful events, concerts and exhibition, however since the pandemic the day has taken a different look all together by embracing new age modes of communication. Webinars have taken over, seeing organisations host a number of speakers and young people online to speak on relevant issues and plans.

For instance the UN Habitat and United Nations Food Program Organisation put together online meetings for the youth and sent out invitations on Twitter by including a link to the zoom platform.

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Photo courtesy of @Wahinya_Charlie on Twitter

The County Government of Mombasa also celebrated this day by unpacking the blue economy and identifying opportunities available for it's youth.

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The County Government of Isiolo also put together International youth Day 2021, to celebrate youths who are continuously making an impact in their communities impacting lives.