Being the first day of the week, start your Monday in good moods by wearing your best outfit. Moreover, being stylish with your official attire at the work place can increase your confidence to some degree.

It is the first day to usher in a new week at the job place and thus it screams formal wears. Stepping out in your gorgeous outfits can shake up all myths said about the day. And as much as you commit yourself to your job, you still can add a boost by observing what you wear.

Surprisingly, Britain’s women might not look to work at the start of the week but they certainly dress like they mean business, according to new research. Important to understand is; in a smart and formal outfit on a Monday, you are ready to take on the world well, at least the office.

For the men, you need to select the right suit if that’s your outfit choice. It thus should be one that you like, official and that fits you. You can opt for a dress shirt which should be fitting, matching your suit and an official one.The shoes you wear also matter and should match your suit and tie.

Do not to wear accessories as well. They add more style to your outfit. Considering that you are going to the office, a wrist watch would be the most appropriate. Other accessories like big rings and necklaces should be avoided.

For the women, there is always a variety of outfits to match any day any occasion. Here is a twist to your normal dressing which includes; a belted blazer-with buttons or not, a printed necklace, slim-fit pants, pencil skirt and a plain dress suit.If you do not wear heel to work you can as well wear flats, rock your best outfits and still look gorgeous.

Brighten your Monday mood with your outstanding outfit and above all be well presentable in an office.